GPTarot • Digital Deck • A unique Tarot co-created with AI

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Visualize how Artificial Intelligence sees and understands the symbols and images of the Tarot


Who is this for?

  • To find a modern take on ancient wisdom
  • Integrate tech and spirituality in your daily rituals
  • Satisfy curiosity about the intersection of AI and spirituality

GPTarot is a unique interpretation of all known Tarot decks created by guiding ChatGPT and DALL-E 3 toward an accurate and representative original Tarot.

We asked ChatGPT to consider all known designs of each card, and translate these symbols into a singular but accurate Tarot using different machine learning techniques.

🔮 Numbers and texts are often inaccurate but interesting and intentional.

All imagery was created autonomously and selected by expert
Tarot readers and researchers.

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  • The Tree of Life
  • 36 Decans
  • Ra Tarot, based on the Law of One

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GPTarot • Digital Deck • A unique Tarot co-created with AI

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